Staying The Course

Wednesday May 1st, 2019

Surely by now, you’ve seen or read the recent Boston Globe article, detailing some of the challenges we have faced as we continue to work towards streamlining our processes and growing our brand. Most of this, we suspect, you may have already been aware of, as this piece was little more than a summary of previously published information.

We are steadfast in our position that this article is extremely biased! 

Despite our efforts to spend time with Ms. Nanos and provide her with extensive information and answers to her aggressive line of questioning, she failed to include our perspective and experiences, as it seemed she already had an agenda in mind. We’ve already seen and spoken with hundreds of you. We are grateful for your continued love & support and remain extremely humbled by this outpouring. 

Many of you have asked us the question … “What can we do, to help, in this awful situation”? We have some thoughts and would be happy to discuss them with you, in person. As you know, we always welcome questions and commentary; we value transparency and can most often be found in Belmont, around the shop, our educational space, or out on the road. If you’d like to speak to either of us and don’t see us, please ask. 

Despite the wide swath of negativity swirling around, currently, we want to be clear that our goals and mission remain the same as they ever were: to continue to contribute to the growth of craft beer, by creating & supporting an amazing group of retail stores throughout the U.S., that support excellent and innovative breweries, beer education, the hospitality experience, and that also support each other. We will not waver in the above, not for one second. And we will continue to work to remove those that don’t value these principles, from our system. 

Kate Baker

In addition to being an adviser for Craft Beer Cellar's Franchise Company, every day, Kate works tirelessly to bring Craft Beer Cellar Belmont the best beer this amazing industry has to offer; and sometimes, she does it literally, by way of the delivery van! A restaurateur in her past life, Kate made the jump to retail and hasn’t looked back. Everything she does is for amazing beer. A devotee of hospitality, inclusion, welcoming environments, and any song by Brandi Carlile, Kate can always be found in and around Belmont and believes hugs and hi-fives make craft beer a better place.

The beer she can't stop thinking about:
Allagash White (In CANS!!!)

Suzanne Schalow

After working in beer for more than a decade, Suzanne rolled up her sleeves and got serious about her beer education - in 2012, she earned the title of Certified Cicerone®! Since that time, she’s wrangled with Cicerone’s advanced exams, become a judge for the Beer Judge Certification Program, and developed a retail beer educational program called The Society of Master Beercierge. Teaching and talking beer are two of the things she’s most excited about, which translate perfectly when working with new & potential Craft Beer Cellar franchisees. A lover of most styles, she believes a perfect beer is balanced by the sum of its parts, especially if it's Belgian!

The beer she can't stop thinking about:
Jack's Abby Sunny Ridge Pilsner