Diversity & Inclusion: A Request

In light of recent developments regarding the discrimination lawsuit involving Founders Brewing Company, Craft Beer Cellar will be asking all store owners to consider no longer purchasing their products until we have a better understanding of how they are addressing the challenges outlined in the lawsuit, as well as how they are working on their internal policies, procedures, and employee relations.

Currently, Craft Beer Cellar does not implement purchasing mandates; therefore, we are not requiring any store to remove Founders’ products from your shelf sets or taps, but rather, asking you to consider selling through what you have, and not reordering at this time. Our decision is not personal, yet cuts to the core of who we are as individuals and as minority members of society and business, with a strong interest in offering the best environments to our employees and customers, as well as growing together as an industry.

As ardent supporters of craft beer and this industry, it deeply saddens us that we feel we need to take this step. However, we feel that this is necessary in order to continue working on elements of our own brand, including integrity, diversity, and inclusion. Craft Beer Cellar prides itself on supporting diversity and inclusion, as is evident by our individual store owners, staff, store environments, and customers, alike.

We are reminded of how important culture, diversity, and inclusion are, both in the work place, but also in life. These past two weeks especially, have reminded us of how seemingly careless people can be with the feelings and emotions of others, including behaving in a racist manner.  Every brick and mortar retail business owner has the opportunity and responsibility to have positive interactions with their employees and customers on a daily basis.

In addition to asking all Craft Beer Cellar locations to consider no longer purchasing Founders’ products, we’ve developed a Diversity & Inclusion Policy, effective immediately, for all stores. The policy is intended to reach every employee, manager and store owner and be used to help guide us, internally, at our Bottle Shops & Tap Rooms. It’s also intended to be implemented toward the people that spend their money in our stores: our customers. These people are a core part of our communities and are invested in Craft Beer Cellar – we recognize this and want to ensure that our philosophies and policies have a positive effect, from the inside, out.